4 secrets KAFA wanted to tell us

How will you use the PL8’s?


In our experience, it’s good for both adult and youth players. It is evident that both groups can benefit from quality rebound boards as they can improve their cognitive skills as well as their technical abilities. In the coming months, we’ll keep you updated on how training quality has improved!


What are the next steps for KAFA?


For KAFA, the next step is to integrate the PL8’s optimally into our academy. Our partnership with Racing Club Lens will start next season, and we will organize training sessions on their pitches and integrate PL8’s with them. As well as being a first for us, it will also be a first for them to work with such innovative training equipment.


How did your youth players react when they saw the PL8s for the first time?


First time they saw it, they were blown away; it was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. Normally we use wooden boards without light pulses, so it was totally new to them, and they were ecstatic to train with it! On that day, they gave everything they had in training.


Could you tell us how you feel about the quality of the product and the overall experience?


Unseen. As we have trained several times with earlier prototypes, there is a huge difference now. Due to its ease of use in training, it makes it easier to create new exercises and variations. The user-friendliness of the PL8 and it’s M8 is of great importance.