4 things we’ve learned during our chat with Drills

What is your first impression of the PL8?

Oh my God, you guys have no idea, I’ve been waiting for one year since I fell in love with the concept, the brand, the team. Today is the first day we actually have our PL8’s. We’ve already tested the prototypes, who were already good, but these ones are top-notch. They’re the Tesla of the football world.

What are your future goals with them?

A lot of things. In the short term I want to make sure that most of the clubs, no all of the clubs to use SCARAB SPORTS. That they understand the importance of the PL8’s, and that players are able to use them not only at their club but even at home maybe. So our goal in short term with SCARAB SPORTS is to give our knowledge to the football industry by using the PL8’s as much as possible.

In the long term, the OUTCLASS project which we are all excited about.

That are our plans.

Are you mainly focused on data, or more on training ?

Today in this world, everything is based on data. We want to use it to help us guide the players, but we’re not going to forget the fundamentals of having fun and playing football. The data is going to guide us, let’s say it in that way.

What is the ultimate goal for Drills?

We have a lot of surprises coming in, I don’t know if I can talk about that. We have quite a few projects coming up, let’s say it’s coming soon!