World's most advanced rebound board

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The PL8

Endless possibilities

Through 2 customisable LED segments, providing endless color combinations & training opportunities. Led your creativity take over!

Light it up!

Perfect rebound & stability

Built with solid materials that allow the PL8® to stay in place when hit, producing an optimal rebound speed. Strong rebounder, stronger players!

Let’s hit it!

Performance measurement

State-of-the-art sensor technology measuring your technical-cognitive performances. Because, to measure is to know!

Get screening!

Wireless connectivity

The PL8’s® are inter-connectable to create a bigger variety of tests & training exercises. Connected rebound boards lead to connected players.

Become awesome!
Visual Impulses

The LED segments give you the opportunity to generate an incredible number of impulses in different colors. Let your creativity go nuts!

High Tech Sensors

State-of-the-art sensor technology measures the players performance in a technical-cognitive environment.


What’s a PL8® without his team-mates? All the smart rebound boards are wirelessly inter-connectable to create a bigger variety of drills and tests.

Ultimate Rebound

Thanks to a high-end material composition, the PL8’s® give a realistic rebound. Challenging your technical-cognitive abilities

PL8® Stability

With his sturdy foot, our rebound board does not move when hit. This in order to keep your setup in place and the data reliable!

Companion App

The application acts as remote controller for the PL8®, exercise set-up tool, and data processor.

Weather & Shock proof

Don’t hesitate to use our rebounder in the rain. Weather can't stop us from developing talents.