The answers to all your questions related to the PL8's

It is our mission to unlock the true potential of athletes and take their performance to the next level through innovation and motivation. 

With the vision of creating a balanced training environment, athletes and trainers can grow towards ultimate performance with innovative sporting goods and actionable data insights.

In order to reach your full potential as a soccer player, you need to have more than great physical performance and ambition.
Technique and game intelligence are two crucial skills you need to have on match days.

During our research, we could conclude the product has a significant impact starting from 12 years up to the professional players.
Of course, the focus will switch depending on the age category. Youth players will use the product for development and screening purposes.
The PL8's are also used a lot in a professional environment for rehabilitation and screening

The PL8's are made to be used without limitations. The coach should be able to creatively use the PL8's in every aspect of his training. 

No, 6 PL8's can be stored on less than 0,5m^2. The M8 is designed to withstand all weather conditions. You can leave the M8 outside, just like the small goals. 

Yes! We've done intensive testing to make the LEDs bright and clearly visible in every condition.

The Scarab Sports app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play store: 

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scarab_sports

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/be/app/scarab-sports/id1598639693

Sure! It's possible to extract a csv-file that can be imported into your preferred data management system. If you want a custom integration with your DMS, please contact your contact person.

You can use the PL8 in any weather conditions, but it cannot swim, so don't submerge it in water.