HALF/TIME EP. 3: Björn De Neve

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Björn De Neve describes his vision on technical-cognitive screening.
As Head of the KAA Gent Youth Academy, Björn knows better than anyone what is needed to generate a complete player profile and maximise the potential of youth players.


"It's a product that we really believe in. For us it is important that people come up with a good story. That was absolutely the case with SCARAB Sports and that is why we were very happy to enter into a partnership. I am also curious what will come from it. The first tests are already completed and the results gave me a good feeling and an indication. The objectively measured results also corresponds to what for us is a more subjective reality and our gut feeling when we look at the players. The PL8's are certainly a concept where I believe in enormously. KAA Gent have only recently started with a team of new people. Since last season, we've really started to value the game intelligence aspect and make it much more important than it was before. When it comes to game intelligence, it is of course in the first place about observing, making the right decision, followed by the technical execution. These are the facets that are very important in the testing of SCARAB Sports but undoubtedly also in the training modules later on which can be covered perfectly."