HALF/TIME EP. 1: Thomas Caers

In our weekly talk we discuss a relevant football topic with the greatest football professionals out there.
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Thomas Caers (Zulte Waregem) gives his expert insights on football technique and handling speed.
Thomas is a former player, coach & scout at Zulte Waregem among others, well known for his talent recognition and youth development. Currently working as a soccer consultant in player recruitment and youth development, he knows better than anyone which factors are crucial to define great football talents.


"Differentiation in terms of physical of technique of mentality, personality, tactical ability. Now, I think that mentality, personality and physical ability are things that are actually often fixed from your DNA, so the margin to change or progress or improve is not so big. In recent years, I've noticed in very intensive youth training that technique really can be learned. The speed of action can also be learned because it is directly linked to each other. Thinking quickly in combination with executing, that is technique. At the highest level, the right players differentiate based on these two things because the differentiation lies in the speed of action and in the technical ability. I think it is a very good combination to have both in full synergy where those aspects are also very match-related. If you now see the quarterfinals of the Champions League, I saw the last match of PSG against Bayern Munich. There you see physical strength, mentality, handling speed and technique. That's just the hole-in-one, let's put it that way.”

At the highest level, differentiation lies in the speed of action and in the technical execution.
Thomas Caers