The SCARAB Headquarters is located in the city of Ghent, with a view on the beautifull waters of the Coupure. Inaugurated on the 10th of January 2022, the venue which replaces the co-working space of Ampla House, was created in a renovated old townhouse along the Coupure. The venue is devided in 3 floors: the ground floor, mezzanine and the basement floor.


The Club House is where people can meet or work in a cozy environment. The Club House is adjacent to the kitchen, making it easy to grab a drink or snacks while working. The Club House is the ideal place to welcome people to the HQ.


The meeting room is the dedicated meeting room of the SCARAB Headquarters. It can host up to 10 people for important meetings or présentations. The Skybox is the ideal confidential workspace in the Office. It's located at the front of the venue and has a beautifull view on the Coupure.


The office is the heart of the headquarters. It's there where the magic
happens. The team working hard on improving the football industry
with data and technology. The office is on the mezzanine of the building located between the Club house and the Sports arena.


The Sports arena is located in the basement floor of the HQ. It's a place where people can work on their fitness level and challenge each other for example in a set of darts. Staying in shape and healthy is key for ultimate work performance. In that way the team can find the right balance between health, mind and work. It's the only way to hit your next level.