How Kevin De Bruyne’s scanning wins games for Manchester City and Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world. Known for his exceptional scanning and awareness of the field.  


De Bruyne takes in the entire field and identifies potential passing lanes and opportunities. He has a great sense of vision, which allows him to spot open teammates and make precise passes to them. 


De Bruyne’s scanning is also evident in his ability to create scoring opportunities for his team. He is able to spot gaps in the defense and exploit them with his passing ability. Additionally, he is also known for his ability to make runs into the box, which often results in goals or assists. 


De Bruyne’s awareness is exceptional, he has the ability to expect the movements of his opponents and make quick decisions based on that. He is able to predict where the ball will go and position himself, allowing him to intercept passes or make important tackles. He is also able to read the game well and often positions himself in areas where he can be most effective. 


De Bruyne’s scanning and awareness on the field make him one of the most dynamic midfielders in the world. He controls the flow of the game and creates scoring opportunities for his team. His precise passing and ability to exploit gaps in the defense.  


It is possible to work on scanning and awareness in many ways. Using the PL8’s of SCARAB Sports is one of them. The PL8’s are a great way to trigger scanning in different exercises. It is the perfect way to work on scanning whilst being on the pitch.