How midfielder Casemiro is crucial to the Brazilian team

In Brazil’s statement win over South Korea, players such as Neymar, Vinicius Jr., and Richarlison were praised. Yet, the player who stood out for us was Casemiro. From midfield, directed the team to the quarterfinals. During the match, Casemiro exuded pure football intelligence. One thing he excelled at was scanning. Scanning is the process of taking in information from the environment and processing it into a successful action. You need to check your surroundings to perform the right action at the right time, not just look around.

On Villa Sporza, Arnar Vidarsson, the national coach of Iceland, discussed scanning. “The more you scan the more you can play forward-facing football,” Arnar told us. By scanning 7 times in 9 seconds, you know where your team and opponent are on the pitch, creating more time and space. This is a model of football intelligence.


Arnar mentions studies done on scanning in football. A leading figure in this field is Geir Jordet. Since 1997, Geir Jordet has studied the scanning behavior of players. When you scan at the right time, you create a lot of space that you can take advantage of during the game. The correct timing is to look at the ball when it’s touched. Looking away is wrong. “The most effective time to look away from the ball is between touches and immediately after a touch.”

Looking at the moment we took from the Brazil vs South Korea match. You can see how Casemiro scans the field at the right time. This creates a clear overview and opens up the play to almost create a chance for Brazil.


SCARAB Sports has developed a training tool that allows you to improve your scanning skills.

If you watch how Casemiro scans, you will see a different dimension of Brazil’s team’s greatness.


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