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Captain of KAA Gent Vadis Odjidja invests in start-up SCARAB Sports

Ghent-based start-up SCARAB Sports has brought in a major reinforcement at the end of the transfer window to help build its story and realise its international ambitions in the sports world. Former Red Devil, Gentenaar and captain of the Buffaloes, Vadis Odjidja has become an important pawn in the sports-tech start-up since the closing of the transfer period. The midfielder has not only invested, he will also be active as a co-director to take SCARAB Sports to the next level.
Technical cognitive testing with KAA Gent

In August 2020, the sports-tech start-up SCARAB Sports was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs: Tanguy Ongena, Matthias Seghers & Oliver Francx. During a university project, they found out that in football there is a big focus on the physical and medical aspect while cognition, fast ball handling and decision making are at least as important. The start-up wants to make measurable what is currently not measurable. "We want to use our technology called "PL8 [pleɪt]" to focus on measuring and training technical-cognitive skills. Specifically, how quickly does a player make the connection between collecting information, processing this information and ultimately carrying out the technical action correctly. “This is ground-breaking in current football.” says Odjidja.

After closing partnerships with KAA Gent, OH Leuven and Royal Antwerp FC, the young start-up continues to knit one big news piece to the next. They closed a major capital round at the end of the transfer period. Vadis Odjidja, Christophe Palmieri, and Wim Vernaeve of Green Park Investment Partners invest together in the young start-up. The round is clocked at over 1.1 million euros with both investors. The round started in the summer of 2021 with an approved vlaio development grant, followed by an equity crowdfunding campaign, a contribution from the bank and then closing with private investors.

Smart Capital
Technical cognitive testing with KAA Gent

The founders, in collaboration with financing advisers The Harbour, explicitly sought out Smart Capital. It was very important for the start-up to have a face, a network, football expertise and experience in addition to the financial boost. That's how they ended up with the mix Vadis Odjidja x Green Park Investment Partners. A familiar face with a gigantic network in football, together with the strategic and operational SME experience of Green Park Investment Partners forms the perfect mix of investors for SCARAB Sports. Smart capital is the key! "Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships."

One dream
Technical cognitive testing with KAA Gent

"SCARAB Sports has 1 big dream," continues Ongena. "We want to become the reference in technical-cognitive screening and training. This way we want to offer clubs an extra parameter to support and objectivize sportive decisions. In this way, we hope to bring physically weaker talents to light, who would otherwise receive less attention, so that they still have a fair chance of the career they always dreamt of."