Maluka differentiates with a unique business model using PL8 technology.

Maluka is an elite academy in Antwerp that trains a wide range of players. From pro footballers like Radja Nainggolan and Pierre Dwomoh to young talents. Maluka is known for creating creative and innovative exercises to improve players’ performance. Maluka academy uses PL8’s technology to stay differentiated. To show the potential of the PL8, Maluka created the MFC Challenge a brand-new business model.


Maluka created modules to train players in a unique way using the PL8. Players will complete three modules during each session, resulting in an hour of intense training. Each module focuses on a specific skill of the player. Module 1 focuses on developing scanning and finishing through exercises. In Module 2, players will improve their dribbling abilities with the use of PL8’s. Module 3 puts emphasis on enhancing scanning and agility, as players must follow lit-up PL8’s and the coach’s instructions. The fourth module is dedicated to playmaking, where players must identify open PL8’s in-game scenarios. The fifth module focuses on improving cognitive skills, requiring players to remember a series of actions, using both game actions and PL8’s.


In the MFC Challenge, players are highly motivated to beat each other and step up their game. Aiming to enhance players’ skills with the latest and most advanced tools, Maluka focuses on enhancing the skills of elite players.


In order to promote the MFC Challenge, Maluka created a new social media profile. They share their scores on social media to motivate and challenge the players.


It is interesting to see how our partners use the PL8 in a unique way!
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