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Click on the values and find out the foundations on which SCARAB Sports is built.


Hover over the values and find out the foundations on which SCARAB Sports is built.

Moderation is key. For us, it is essential to find a proper balance between one thing and another. Have as much fun outside of work as we give everything during the week. We enjoy exercising together at our HQ, as we love a cosy after-work drink on Fridays. By finding the right
balance in all these kinds of things, we believe it will help
our growth, both professional and private.

Whether it's football or hockey, golf or padel, tennis or even canoe polo. We at SCARAB Sports are passionate about sports of all kinds. We strive to translate that passion into innovative products that can help athletes and coaches achieve uncharted levels of performance. The love for sports and the passion for technology is at the core of SCARAB's DNA.

Our company was born out of a need for more data-based innovation in the football industry. We are very happy to contribute by developing performance-based technology, which aims to produce more efficient results. In addition to the dedication to sports, innovation is the cornerstone of SCARAB Sports

With our eyes forward and a hands-on approach
we tackle the challenges we encounter in the world
of sports business step by step. While keeping a critical eye on our own performance, we look for the next thing that can enrich sports performance through data-driven technology. SCARAB SPORTS aims to grow organically with the support of experts in finance, business, and engineering.


It is our mission to unlock the true potential of athletes and take their performance to the next level through innovation and motivation.



With the vision of creating a balanced training environment in which athletes and trainers can grow towards ultimate performance with innovative sporting goods and actionable data insights.



The first seed was planted in September 2019 during a research-project at the Ghent University. The 3 founders were challenged to develop a smart and interacting training device. This could literally be anything but after loads of long days and nights they came up with a device to screen and train the technical-cognitive skills of football players. Which is a gap in the current football industry.

Following on this research-project the founders were guided by the help of the University to develop the product and company further towards a market launch. SCARAB Sports was founded in the summer of 2020. This was the start of great journey in the world of football and entrepreneurship. Starting by joining the imec.istart program in the Autumn of 2020.

This meant a first capital raise for SCARAB Sports which enabled the intensive R&D track towards the manufacturing of the technology and the launch with football clubs. KAA Gent, OH Leuven & Royal Antwerp FC were partners from the first hour,

believing in the technology and helping SCARAB Sports towards great success. By the end of 2021 the company closed a Seed-funding round of 1.1 mil euros. With among others, KAA Gent Captain Vadis Odjidja and Green Park Investment Partners investing in the company.



Our name is based on the legendary scarab beetle which was seen as holy by the ancient Egyptians. It was seen as a symbol for transforming which is what we want to achieve with the PL8. Even though the scarab beetle is small it has great power. They are also seen as great navigators who use the sun to move their ball of dung. It will stop from time to time to orient itself and start pushing again. Just as scarab beetles are great in navigation we want the player that use the PL8 to be good navigators to improve their game.



Feel free to contact us and we'll see how we
can help each other to hit our next levels.