9 April 2021   |   Partnerships, KAA Gent

KAA Gent X SCARAB Sports

KAA Gent and SCARAB search together to the next step in talent-identification
Technical cognitive testing with KAA Gent

KAA Gent and SCARAB Sports are joining forces in a partnership to further research a new method to screen and train the technical-cognitive skills of players. This by means of our newest state-of-the-art technology.

Besides the already existing tests and training drills on physical abilities, we offer a new way to objectively test and train technical-cognitive skills according to the OODA principle (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). A player must be able to observe and orient quickly, in order to use this information to make the right decision and perform accordingly.

Thanks to our innovation, KAA Gent obtains a more complete and objective view on the qualities of their players. Furthermore, they can be trained with the technology to improve their technical-cognitive skills. Using the direct feedback, crucial parameters, and the many training exercises made possible by our new technology.

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SCARAB Sports fills in the missing link in youth screening
Björn De Neve - Hoofd jeugdopleiding KAA Gent