The PL8 was developed over a period of years. To create the tool we can share today, every aspect of the PL8 had to be adjusted over a long period of time. With the PL8, we wanted to provide the user with an out-of-the-ordinary experience. It was our goal to create a simple-to-use product that also challenges your creativity. The PL8’s ergonomic fixation features makes it possible for the user to switch training setups within seconds, giving them maximum flexibility and freedom in use. There is no weather condition the PL8 can’t handle, rain, snow, or wind. PL8’s are easily visible in bright, sunny weather thanks to their ultra-bright LEDs. 

The PL8 has many more features, but we invite you to discover them through our many videos and blogs with early PL8 partners.

However, there is more to it…

A PL8 can’t exist without its M8. The M8 is the backbone of the PL8. The studs that attach it to the pitch surface ensure that it can take a hit. Mounting the PL8 to the M8 takes just a few seconds, resulting in a user-friendly experience.

As we share all of this with you now, we hope you will be able to experience the magic of the PL8’s.

Check the PL8 out now!