We have begun the delivery of the PL8 to our first pre-order partners, now that the PL8 is in full production. We want to thank our partners for their loyalty and patience. The first delivery was made to Drills Academy in Brussels; this was his reaction when receiving the PL8’s. “I’ve been waiting for one year since I fell in love with the concept, the brand, the team.” Our first international delivery was made to KAFA in Lille, France. We asked how the players reacted when they saw the PL8 in a recent interview: “they were blown away; it was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. On that day, they gave everything they had in training.” Our third pre-order was delivered to Soccerlions. A partner who knows how to use the PL8 right now. We spoke to him a month after his delivery. Even in a short period of time, you can 100% improve players with it. It’s amazing how many skills you can train with just one exercise.


PL8’s are prepared for the next deliveries and the World Football Summit Europe in Seville. We will display the product throughout the convention and hold an industry talk on the technical and cognitive skill development.


We are incredibly curious to see how the PL8’s will be used by our partners.