The impressive impact the PL8 had on soccerlions!

Explain to us your experience with the PL8’s?

I am glad I made this decision. Even in a short period of time, you can 100% improve players with it. The number of skills you can develop with just one exercise is amazing. Technically, you train a lot, and by that, I mean functional technique, instead of fancy tricks. Taking the ball well, playing it accurately, body coordination relative to the next impulse, and so on. You obviously also train intelligence, scanning, insight, reaction speed, etc. This is done in many ways through the different impulses available. Additionally, you develop endurance and concentration, which are absolutely crucial in football. In order to maintain the quality of play, I do a lot of short, quick exercises with my young players. The older they get, the longer the exercises become, and that’s when you develop that continuous concentration and physical endurance. Overall, I am very enthusiastic about the tools, especially due to their flexibility.

How do your players react after training some time with the PL8’s?

They ask me right away at the beginning of training if we will train with the PL8’s! Why? They are constantly challenged by training with them. Whenever my players perform an exercise, they are always striving to get better. Through the SCARAB app, they are immediately confronted with their own results, which motivates them to keep improving. Several players approached me to tell me that training with the PL8’s helped them improve their performance. As we had just trained on something specific, they felt they could immediately apply the skills we had taught them to their match and team training. This is fantastic news for a football academy.